AFA’s shared audit scheme aim is twofold. On the one hand, optimize the cost of the audit by gathering multiple sponsors to audit a manufacturer significantly reduces the price of such audit for all customers. On the other hand, grouping several customers in one single audit reduces the pressure and internal cost of inspections to manufacturers.

AFA’s shared audit scheme comprises two types of shared audits:

1. AFAs annual plan (OAP) includes up to 60 audits around the world. This Plan is designed by AFA’s team in collaboration with our customers. The OAP is published before the end of each year to allow customers to plan ahead and contract all those inspections that will be needed for the following year. This shared audit plan allows you to acquire our most popular audits at the best price. If you require information about the audits included in this year’s OAP, please contact us.

2. For other audits, not included in our annual plan and under customer request, we will try to gather other sponsors in order to reduce their cost and minimize the inspection impact to the manufacturers. Under your request, we will communicate potential shared audits to our large pool of more than 500 customers. Once the number of sponsors is confirmed we will communicate final price and send formal quotes to all customers involved. If you need to audit a manufacturer not listed in our website or annual plan, do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to gather other sponsors and offer you the best rate.