Optimized Cost

AFA is always working on finding cost optimization ways to help pharmaceutical companies to qualify as much suppliers of their supply chain as possible.  AFA is working on a “shared cost” basis, optimizing the price of the audits looking for the maximum number of sponsors and dividing the cost in between them.

Some of AFA optimization solutions are:


Once a year the audit needs from AFA clients are gathered. General interest audits are sought and therefore, packages that can be subject to subscription are offered. This optimization formula has been very successful and is repeated every year in what is called: the Optimized Annual Plan (OAP). The Optimized Annual Plan is a formula that allows carrying-out a set of audits, which are of general interest by AFA clients at a very low cost.


The desire of providing the best service from AFA leads to search for tailored solutions for each affiliate, looking for all possible synergies. Those companies who need to audit a manufacturer that is not included in an Audit Plan, may apply to the Association for the search of co-sponsors for the audit.

Co-sponsoring audits allows companies reducing the audit cost and adjusting the budget. Besides, as part of the supplier validation plan, it is possible to expand the number of audits to be performed. Audits in optimization process

Planned Audits