We are aware of the needs and expectations of pharmaceutical companies and of the auditing pressure their suppliers undergo. This led us to create a model that provides advantages to all parts delivering a high-end audit service.

We look for the best audit organization, avoiding time and efforts dealing with all the stakeholders to schedule the audits according to the sponsors’ deadlines and according the auditees’ schedule.

One of the most recognized tools to identify potential improvements and to prevent deviations or incompliances are internal audits.

Those are usually performed by internal staff and are typically looking for the level of accomplishment with the approved procedures. But how do you look for REAL improvement?

If you look for the best way to perform your internal activities and you want to be fully compliant with the current Good Manufacturing Practices, we are your reliable and trusted supplier.

AFA provides the following advantages:

Contrast the current practices with GMPs and the expectations of Health Authorities.
Giving advice about process optimization to improve the sustainability of GMP compliance.

Being in the frame of your self-inspection program or if you are going to receive a challenging inspection, contact us for more information.