Asociación Forum Auditorias is an International Association of Pharmaceutical companies based in Barcelona, that gives 3rd party audit services to both, affiliated and non affiliated members.
It was founded in 2005 to establish an organized platform to perform joint audits to suppliers. AFA activities are ruled by an Intercompany Protocol approved by all affiliated members, as well as being performed under a Quality System accredited as a GMP and GDP Inspection Body according to ISO 17020 . Both documents ensure the quality, confidentiality and absence of conflict of interest in all AFA activities.

AFA has become a third-party audit entity recognized by more than 300 customers and the related Health Authorities througout the world.

AFA is always working on finding cost optimization ways to help pharmaceutical companies to qualify as many suppliers of their supply chain as possible. AFA is working on a “shared cost” basis, optimizing the price of the audits looking for the maximum number of sponsors and dividing the cost between them.

AFA activities help many Qualified Persons in solving the Supply Chain Control of Raw Materials for pharmaceutical use, strictly following the European Directives and European Medicines Agency recommendations.