The steps to be followed to become an AFA Qualified auditor are summarized as follows:

  1. Submitting the auditor candidacy
  2. AFA Board of Directors assess the suitability of the candidate to start the process and identification of candidate profile.
  3. Auditor’s Training program (it will depend on the candidate profile)· Training in AFA Methodology · Training in Regulatory Issues · Training in Audit Skills
  1. Participation as co-auditor to real audits with qualified auditors
  2. Auditor evaluation
  3. Auditor approval by the Board of Directors
  4. Inclusion of the auditor in the list of AFA qualified auditors

Once qualified, the auditors are requested to comply with confidentiality requirements to act as auditor. The CDA is established in between AFA and the Auditor. It covers the information considered as Confidential (relation sponsor-company audited; information provided by the audit sponsors; information gathered during the audit related to the audited company and their processes; audit report).

Once qualified, the auditors are requested to comply with one important requirement to act as auditor: Absence of Conflict of Interest
  • The auditors contracted by AFA shall declare the absence of conflict of interest in the following terms: · Absence of commercial relationship between the organization performing the audit and the organization being audited. · Absence of auditor’s personal conflict, stating that he has not been employed by the organization being audited in the recent past (i.e. within the last 3 years) nor having a financial interest in it.
  • The declaration shall be done for each audit performed in a written form and must be signed by the auditor (it is attached to the audit report)