What is AFA?
AFA is an International Association of Pharmaceutical Companies. Giving service to pharmaceutical and cosmetic companies worldwide. Founded in 2005.
Which is the scope of AFA activities?
AFA is performing audits worldwide, including APIs, Excipients, Packaging, Logistics, Analytical Laboratories, etc.
Is it necessary to become an affiliated member of AFA to request an audit?
No, AFA provides service to pharmaceutical, veterinary or cosmetic companies, being affiliated or not.
How is AFA ruled?
AFA is ruled by means of an Intercompany Protocol that has been reviewed and approved by all affiliated members. The protocol regulates the 3rd party audit activities and it has been reviewed by the local Health Authorities.
If an audit is already done, is it possible to acquire the audit report?
Yes. As long as the manufacturer gives its written permission to AFA giving permission to issue and deliver the audit report to the company who is requesting it.
Which are the benefits of becoming an affiliate member?
10% discount in all services (including the available audit reports). Payback if the audits promoted (or co-promoted) by the affiliates are bought later by another company (half of the fee paid by the new company divided among the number of sponsors).
Which are the prices of the audits?
AFA has base fees that include all the expenses related with the audits. From this base fee, the price of each specific audit is optimized by means of optimization solutions. The quality / price ratio is excellent.
How is proprietary information kept confidential?
Confidentiality is a key aspect and AFA guarantees the protection of any proprietary information. Confidential Disclosure Agreements (CDAs) are signed accordingly among the relevant parties.
If my company sponsors a joint audit to a manufacturer, do the other co-sponsors know about the name of my company and/or products of interest?
No, they will not. Both the name of a sponsor and the product of interest are not disclosed to other companies. In case of joint audits, the only information that the sponsors know is that other companies are participating in the audit because the individual price is reduced accordingly. No sponsor will know the name of the other participants or their products. In addition, audit reports are individually issued for each sponsor including only the information related to that particular sponsor.