Webinar content

In this webinar we will provide the answers to the following questions:

Main differences between remote and face-to-face audits
How to plan and approach to be audited remotely?
How to protect the confidential information?
Factors that impact in the trustworthiness of the remote audits

The main purpose of the audits is to ensure that the audited company performs the operations in accordance with the agreements and regulatory requirements; these operations are carried out under a Quality System that guarantees the absence of risks for the patient.

AFA has been dynamically adapting its methodologies and procedures to the needs and possibilities to carry out audits. Bearing in mind the current evolution of the COVID pandemic and the persistent difficulties in mobility and access to the facilities of the companies to be audited, we have developed and optimised the methodology to carry out remote audits and guarantee the business continuity.

In this Webinar we will provide you real and contrasted experiences about the remote audits under the auditee point of view.

Target group

Suppliers of pharmaceutical industry.

Speaker’s background

Dr. Eduard Cayón

AFA Director

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. More than 25 years of professional experience developed in Chemical Research, Pharmaceutical Analytical Development, Pharmaceutical and Food Quality Control, Validation, Auditing and Quality Assurance for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Since 1999, working as a Consultant for Pharmaceutical industry in TDV (www.tdvct.com ), giving services to customers from several European and Asian countries.

Founding partner, Vicepresident and Director of Asociación Fórum Auditorías (AFA) from 2005 (www.forumauditorias.org ). More than 300 worldwide audits personally performed to suppliers and manufacturers of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic industries.