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Distribution networks for medicinal products have become increasingly complex, with the involvement of many players, especially since the rise of globalization in the 1990s.

The main problem that has arisen from this change is that the control over the logistics chain has become much more complicated, especially taking into account the characteristics of the products, which can be sensitive to heat, humidity and light in many cases.

In practice, companies’ Qualified Persons (QPs) did not have an adequate degree of control and information about what was occurring in the supply chain. However, they had to answer to the Health Authorities for incidents, and also during inspections. This is the main reason why Good Distribution Practices (GDP) were created, seeking to align requirements and facilitate compliance with regulations, always with the aim of ensuring the safety, quality and traceability of the products throughout the integrated supply chain.

At AFA, we understand the supplier evaluation process as something that goes way beyond auditing. To carry out this process as a mere formality, without strategic vision, is little less than dooming oneself to having problems in the future. These problems can be regulatory, economic and brand prestige, to name a few. The sooner the potential gaps are detected, the lower the overall cost for all the parties involved.

In this webinar we will provide about the clues to approach efficiently the audits to the players of supply chain.

Target group

Technical staff from API, and Pharmaceutical industry.

Speaker’s background

Dr. Eduard Cayón

AFA Director

Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry. More than 25 years of professional experience developed in Chemical Research, Pharmaceutical Analytical Development, Pharmaceutical and Food Quality Control, Validation, Auditing and Quality Assurance for the Pharmaceutical industry.

Since 1999, working as a Consultant for Pharmaceutical industry in TDV (www.tdvct.com ), giving services to customers from several European and Asian countries.

Founding partner, Vicepresident and Director of Asociación Fórum Auditorías (AFA) from 2005 (www.forumauditorias.org ). More than 300 worldwide audits personally performed to suppliers and manufacturers of Pharmaceutical, Chemical and Cosmetic industries.

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