Our values

Inspired by our customers’ needs and expectations, it was originally launched as an association of pharmaceutical companies and now it is a leading third-party audit organization known worldwide.

Founded in 2005 with the aim to provide audit services, supporting companies’ efforts on supplier qualification. We offer audit services to drug manufacturers as part of their supplier qualification programs for raw materials and services, with more than 2000 audits conducted worldwide.

AFA’s mission is to provide an excellent service that will improve the cooperation between pharmaceutical companies and its suppliers, while giving a global response to the industry quality and compliance needs.

Since the beginning, we have a total alignment with the criteria and requirements of the Health Authorities around the world. Rigour, impartiality and confidentiality are essential component part of our model.

AFA’s organization is based on a high level international team which is able to fulfil the most demanding needs of the pharmaceutical industry.






Scientific approach