1. Agreement on the Audit Date: Once the contact data of the company to be audited is available, a formal request of a proposal audit date is performed. The date is agreed.
  2. Auditor assignment: an auditor is assigned and hired from the group of AFA qualified auditors taking into account the type and objectives of the audit.
  3. Sponsor Specific requirements request: The date of the audit is communicated to the sponsors, and the specific requirements for the audit are requested. Some general information is requested to the audited company as well. These specific requirements and the company information allow the establishment of the objectives and the agenda preparation. Sponsor Specific requirements request
  4. Risk evaluation. With all the information gathered from the sponsors and the auditee, the risks of the audit are assessed and identified. In addition the audit approach of the audit is prepared.
  5. Sending the audit agenda to the company to be audited: AFA sends a proposal agenda of the audit to the company to be audited.